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Slave escort service st petersburg

slave escort service st petersburg

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6 Claiborne to General Hampton, January 11, 1811. . Kenner and Henderson, who were successively interrogated. 101 21 Claiborne to the Secretary of State. In this melancholy affair, but two citizens have fell by the hands of those brigands, and three dwelling houses burned; not a single sugar house nor sugar works were molested. I have necessarily made some expenditures, and to meet them, I shall draw Bills on the Department of War, which I persuade myself will be duel honored. Orleans Feb: 25:1811 (sgd).C.C.

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He is gone to a better and a happier world! By virture of a resolution passed by the Legislavtive Council and the house of representatives of the Terrirory to the effect that the parish judges. The late daring and unfortunate Insurrection, in the Parishes. John the Baptist Parishes in January of 1811 To Genl. The flag of the United States has been reared at rhea Pass Christian, and at the Mouth of Pascagoula. The persons and property of our fellow citizens are still menaced. Referring to my letters of the 3rd 5th from Baton Rouge, I have SIR. There is nothing I more desire, than to see our newly adopted fellow Citizens, prosperous and happy under the influence of a free Government and just Laws not do I doubt Gentlemen you readiness to Government and just laws; not do I doubt gentlemen you. It does not appear to have been of extensive combination, and the mischief done is by no means as great as was at first apprehended.


Zirakpur Escorts Play With Call Girls Service Panchkula Girls Escort. Depostion of Adelard Fortier. Sir, During the late Insurrection in this  Territory, the public safety required, that the most immediate and energetic measures should be resorted. Hampton THE honble william eustis Secy of War 15 To Col: Vileran. The just and weighty considerations which induced the President of the United States to direct possession to be taken of the Territory west of the perked, as a part of the Territory of Orleans, are too forcible detailed, Gentlemen, in his Proclamation of the 27th. Claiborne 6 Circular To the Several Colonels of Regiments; and the several Parish Judges on the Coast New Orlean, January 10, 1811 Sir, Order strong Militia patroles by day and night; and cause a strict police among the Slaves to be maintained.

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Alexandre Labranche, justice of the peace, I, Peirre Bauchet. It will be received as another Testimony of the parental care with which the American Government has watched over. Among these a liberal provision for the education of youth is entitled to precedence. 36 Claiborne Message to the Legislative Council and the House of Representatives. . Over sixty slaves were killed; seventeen remained missing (probably hiding in nearby swamps) and about seventy-five were brought before the district court. Every thing is tranquil in this prostituutio tampere massage milf fuck City and I Co; (sir) Andre Accept the best C C (Sgd).C.C. Andre Pochet declared, in the presence of Charles Aime Darensbourg and Charles Perret, that he sold a farm to Andre Latour. The discontents in your vicinity afford me sincere regret. Asked if he knew beforehand of the slave uprising, he replied that the mulatto Charles Deslondes had a woman in Trepagniers slave quarter and made the accused accompany the group of rebels. The late Insurrection has been effectually crushed. Given under my hand c, at c, this 12th day of February 1811. New Orleans, January 20, 1811. Claiborne _ Headquarters, Government House, New Orleans, January 9, 1811 All the Cabarets in the City of Suburbs of New Orleans are ordered to be immediately closed and no male Negro is to be permitted to pass the streets after 6 oclock. The inhabitants of New Orleans and its vicinity will continue their vigilances. Regular patrol service by day and by night will be ordered and must be performed; it is considered essential to our safety. Jean-Noel Destrehan, arriving at four oclock in the afternoon, where I found the owner, as well. slave escort service st petersburg

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